The Conversing Nurse podcast

The Conversing Nurse podcast

Exploring the nursing profession, one conversation at a time.


Cannabis Nurse, Ashley Wynn-Grimes

Send us a Text Message. Do you ever come across someone on Instagram who is meant to teach you something? For me, that person is Ashley Wynn-Grimes, also known as The Cannabis Nurse. Ashley is the owner of Cannabis Nursing Solutions, LLC where she teaches nurses the ins and outs of the cannabis i...

Nurse, Poet, and Author, Susan Farese

Send us a Text Message. Susan Farese is a nurse who has done it all. Well, let me rephrase that. Susan is a nurse who has done a lot. Maybe not all, but her career includes clinical nursing, education, staff development, research, legal nurse consulting, management and coaching. She's also a vete...

Founder and CEO of CodePRep, Susan Davis

Susan Davis is a class act. She's also a doctorally-prepared nurse and CEO of Code PRep, an in-hospital cardiac arrest mock code training program that helps teams prepare, execute, and evaluate codes more effectively. Now, I opened with Susan is a class act, and let me explain. Susan and I recorded...