The Conversing Nurse podcast

The Conversing Nurse podcast

Exploring the nursing profession, one conversation at a time.

April 10, 2024x
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The Break Nurse, Alex Whitefield

In 375 BC, the ancient philosopher Plato wrote, "Our need will be the real creator." But over time, the phrase has been condensed to its current form, "Necessity is the mother of invention."  Alex Whitefield, aka "The Break Nurse", is an innovator and nurse leader who identified a need: hospit...

April 03, 202401:09:0747.49 MB

Nurse and Podcast Host, Brian Cerezo

Brian Cerezo is a nurse who likes to have fun, but he's also passionate about the nursing profession and proud about being able to financially support his family. And he doesn't solely rely on his W-2 job. He's made some risky moves by investing in real estate, stocks, and the dreaded crypto. We ag...

March 27, 2024x
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Emotional Intelligence Consultant, Tiffany Gibson

Tiffany Gibson is a radical nurse leader who has been featured in Oprah Daly and Ebony magazines and proudly shares her two cents on social media and through her podcast. So when she manifested her goal on LinkedIn to book twelve speaking engagements this year, I jumped at the opportunity to invite...