The Conversing Nurse podcast

The Conversing Nurse podcast

Exploring the nursing profession, one conversation at a time.


Stem Cell Transplant Nurse, Dora Loun

Send us a Text Message.I recently came across Dora Loun's LinkedIn profile, and her bio as a stem cell transplant nurse piqued my interest. However, when I had a conversation with her, I realized that what I thought she did and what she actually does are vastly different.Dora's experience in critica...

Your Nurse Lawyer, Irnise Williams, Esq.

Send us a Text Message.My guest this week, Irnise Williams, has been a nurse for 16 years. Starting with her eye on medical school, she opted for nursing school, fell in love, and never looked back. Because if you’re looking back, you can’t look forward, and forward was the direction Irnise wanted t...

Hallmarks of a Great Nurse Leader with Kirsten Ferren

Send us a Text Message.Meet Kirsten Ferren, a nurse who has been serving in healthcare for over 23 years. She brings to the table her experience as a former Chief Nursing Officer and currently holds the position of Vice President of Patient Care. She is also an author, mentor, and leadership consult...