The Conversing Nurse podcast

The Conversing Nurse podcast

Exploring the nursing profession, one conversation at a time.

February 21, 2024x
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Nurse and Finance Coach, April Waddell

This week I had an informative and fun conversation about money with my guest, nurse, and finance coach, April Waddell. Yes, you heard me right, I said fun. Talking about money can create anxiety in some and I’m no different but April’s positive and hopeful spirit helped me keep calm an...

February 14, 2024x
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Trauma ICU Nurse and Travel Host, Myra Gamble

Myra Gamble is so chill and laid-back, it’s hard to believe she’s a Trauma ICU nurse. She’s also done emergency room nursing, hospice, home health, cath lab, interventional radiology, and telemetry. And I imagine that such a wide range of experience has only made her a better ICU ...

February 07, 2024x
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Nurse and Real Estate Investing Consultant, Lynn John

My guest this week, Lynn John, is a smart, tenacious woman. Deciding in high school to become a nurse, Lynn was told that would never happen. Armed with a prove-them-wrong attitude, she forged on and obtained her Master's in nursing. But after several years of working under institutional abuse in t...