The Conversing Nurse podcast

The Conversing Nurse podcast

Exploring the nursing profession, one conversation at a time.


Certified Enneagram Coach and Nurse, Gwen Sledge

Send us a Text Message.Meet Gwen Sledge, a retired nurse and Certified Enneagram Coach. Gwen has a deep understanding of the Enneagram and is passionate about using her healthcare experience to help nurses understand how their personality, communication style, and behavior affect their relationships...

The New RN, Dave Dovell

Send us a Text Message.As a student nurse or a new RN, Dave Dovell is someone you should know. Dave is a registered nurse working on a Progressive Care Unit, with a diverse work history that includes being an executive chef, an educator, working in the 911 system and the emergency room. And his stor...

Flight Paramedic and Podcast Host, Samantha Brawley

Send us a Text Message.When I hear the words “flight paramedic” I immediately think of aviator glasses, compact spaces, aircraft propellers, jumpsuits, highly trained professionals, and a general sense of badassery.Enter Samantha Brawley. As a flight paramedic, she cares for the sickest of the sick,...