Transplant Nurse, Annette Needham
The Conversing Nurse podcastDecember 14, 2022x
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Transplant Nurse, Annette Needham

After speaking with Annette Needham, I can truthfully say she is the expert on all things transplant nursing. She is a doctorally-prepared nurse practitioner who has done it all: worked as a transplant nurse on busy floors, as a transplant coordinator, as a nurse manager, as an inpatient NP, and most recently as a quality transplant manager. She is also a donor advocate and is active in professional transplant organizations. She calls herself bossy, but after getting to know her a bit, I’d say she is intelligent, well-spoken, knowledgeable and just a downright nice person. In the five-minute snippet…she’s an IRONMAN!!! For Annette's bio and book recs, visit my website!
The God Committee
Derek Fitzgerald
American Society of Transplantation (AST)
Donate Life
The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients
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