Travel Nurse, Brenna Frigulti
The Conversing Nurse podcastSeptember 28, 2022x
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Travel Nurse, Brenna Frigulti

My interview with Brenna Frigulti was so informative! She brought us everything travel nursing, from what to expect at a new hospital, how to avoid sketchy housing, how to negotiate a contract, make friends and explore your surroundings. Listening to Brenna, you can just hear her knowledge and passion about critical care travel nursing in every word. I was inspired by her story about what travel nursing enabled her to do financially. She survived my hot closet and wasn't the least bit scared of the dolls. In the five-minute snippet, her bougie self makes an appearance- five-star hotels for the win! For Brenna's bio and book recs visit my website:
Brenna's Facebook Groups for Travel Nurses:

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