Daughters of a Nurse- Kendra and Hannah Oliveira
The Conversing Nurse podcastOctober 12, 2022x
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Daughters of a Nurse- Kendra and Hannah Oliveira

As Kendra and Hannah Oliveira discuss their shared experience as the daughters of NICU nurse Cheryl Oliveira, you get the distinct feeling that they didn’t miss out on anything, in fact, I would say their lives were enriched in many ways. The American novelist, James Lane Allen said: “Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.” Kendra, a future nurse, and Hannah, a journalism major reveal their characters as they remember their childhood experiences of being awakened in the cold, dark hours to be taken to daycare, celebrating birthdays and holidays while their mom worked, and that their very-present father, Tom took them to visit Cheryl at work where they saw her in action and grew to appreciate her professionalism. I’m not going to lie, in the five-minute snippet, my audio got a little sketchy but the girls sounded great and you just might get emotional like I did when you hear how their parents’ relationship inspires them. Here are Kendra and Hannah Oliveira.
For Kendra's and Hannah's bio visit my website (link below).

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