Nurse and Real Estate Investing Consultant, Lynn John
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Nurse and Real Estate Investing Consultant, Lynn John

My guest this week, Lynn John, is a smart, tenacious woman. Deciding in high school to become a nurse, Lynn was told that would never happen. Armed with a prove-them-wrong attitude, she forged on and obtained her Master's in nursing. But after several years of working under institutional abuse in the form of unsafe staffing and mandatory overtime, she realized she did not want to be boxed into a W-2 job until retirement. So she switched gears and started a real estate investment consulting business. And what she's accomplished in a few short years is no less than phenomenal. She now teaches fellow nurses how to create financial freedom through real estate investing. And no, she is not encouraging nurses to leave the profession. Nurses are coming to her because, like her, they love being nurses, but want more freedom over when, where, and how much they want to work. So, in a way, she's saving the nursing profession. In the five-minute snippet, does anyone have an EpiPen? For Lynn's bio, visit my website (link bio).
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