Physician-Nurse Communication with Dr. Christine Nelson, M.D.
The Conversing Nurse podcastSeptember 21, 2022x
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Physician-Nurse Communication with Dr. Christine Nelson, M.D.

I had a lovely time reconnecting with one of my most highly regarded colleagues, pediatric hospitalist and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Christine Nelson, M.D. With many decades of experience in her pocket, she was my top pick for discussing the physician-nurse relationship and how good communication between the disciplines can promote patient safety, and prevent physician and nurse burnout. Charged with teaching our newest physicians, her message for them to promote trust with nurses is “listen and respect.” Wise words, not only for medical professionals but for all of us. In the five-minute snippet, I actually stumped her with my Green Bay Packers trivia!
For Dr. Nelson's book recs visit:
The Doctor-Nurse Game (Link to Google Doc)


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