Phyllis S. Quinlan

Phyllis S. Quinlan

Founder and President - MFW Consultants

Dr. Phyllis is the founder and president of MFW Consultants, a full-service nurse-owned and -operated Consulting Firm established in 1994 that focuses on executive/personal coaching, keynote speaking, leadership development, creating & sustaining healthy workplaces, training, and seminars. PROFESSIONAL NURSING/CONSULTING EXPERIENCE: She has practiced nursing as a staff nurse, educator, and nurse executive in various clinical settings over the past 40+ years. Dr. Phyllis is also a legal nurse consultant (since 2004) specializing in defense, and offers expert nursing opinions on nursing practice in emergency nursing, long-term care, subacute rehabilitation, homecare and assisted living facilities. COACHING BACKGROUND: Dr. Phyllis has practiced as a professional coach for 20 years and is certified as a professional coach by the Internal Coaching Federation. While her practice focuses on clients seeking executive or personal coaching, she specializes in the unique needs of professional and family caregivers. She works extensively with leaders committed to creating and sustaining a healthy work environment, focusing on assessing and effectively managing the disruptive behaviors of bullying and chronic incivility in the workplace. She has been the career coach for the American Organization of Perioperative Nurses since 2012 and was invited to be the career coach for the American Nurses Association/New York State Chapter in 2021. AUTHOR: Dr. Phyllis has authored numerous articles and is the author of Bringing Shadow Behavior Into the Light of Day: Effectively Managing Bullying and Incivility in Healthcare. The information in this important guide can be translated and applied easily to any work environment. SOCIAL MEDIA: A known and well-followed personal/career coach, she provides useful information and learning opportunities on her Ask Dr. Phyllis Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

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