Tiffany Gibson, MSN-ED, RN, NPD-BC, CPN

Tiffany Gibson, MSN-ED, RN, NPD-BC, CPN

Founder, Chief Transformation Officer - New Nurse Academy, LLC

With her experience of being the 1st born child of immigrant parents, a Black woman in predominately non-Black spaces and a few major personal challenges, Tiffany Gibson has made it her life’s mission to live life authentically and not allow what happened to her, define her. Tiffany Gibson is the founder and primary consultant of New Nurse Academy, LLC., founded in 2018, a nursing professional development and education consultancy providing innovative and evidence-based solutions for nursing schools, and healthcare related organizations. In her roles as nurse manager, coach, consultant, speaker, mentor and educator Tiffany is on a mission to raise the consciousness of Nurses by showing them how to integrate the principles of emotional intelligence, organizational leadership, and Human Design. This is essential to supporting Nurses who love the profession to learn how to embrace their core identity, embrace their authenticity, and show up as the best version of themselves all the time, every time. As seen in Oprah Daily Magazine, and featured in national publications such as Ebony and Scrubs Magazine, Tiffany fearlessly promotes her philosophy of prioritizing self-awareness to live life authentically. Tiffany is a graduate of Temple University (2005, Bachelor of Public Health), Drexel University (2008, Bachelor of Nursing), and Walden University (2017, Master of Nursing Education). She also has a post-graduate certificate in Healthcare Diversity Leadership from the Institute of Emerging Health Professions at Thomas Jefferson University (2019), and two national board certifications - one as a Nurse Professional Development Specialist (ANCC) and another from the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board. With a profound commitment to creating accessible content, community, and conversation that challenges social and cultural norms, Tiffany is trailblazing the way for Nurses to reclaim their authentic selves while falling in love with Nursing all over again. To learn more and stay connected, follow Tiffany on all social media platforms @newnurseacademy.

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