Season 2

June 07, 2023x
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Artist and Nurse, Nicole Cromwell

In my interview with Nicole Cromwell, we didn't talk a lot about the specifics of nursing, though Nicole has a long history of practicing in some of the most high-intensity, high-stress areas, including oncology, intensive care, Covid ICU, and flight nursing. The cumulative stress of this took...

May 31, 2023x
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Nurse Career Coach, Farah Laurent

Let me tell you about Farah Laurent. This woman has done it all and she still has more to do! Long-time nurse, check. Master's degree, check. Doctoral student, check. Board certifications, six of them. Now add to that mix, nurse career coach and nursepreneur. I know, I didn't know what it...

May 24, 2023x
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Nightingale minisode #8 Cleaning and Chattering

Welcome back to the Florence Nightingale Miniseries. This is minisode number eight, Cleaning and Chattering, where Florence discusses cleanliness both of a home or hospital room and of a person. She also tells us about the chattering of hopes and advices. Sounds mysterious. Let's get into it. ...