Australian BSN student Caitlin McKenzie
The Conversing Nurse podcastApril 05, 2023x
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Australian BSN student Caitlin McKenzie

 I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Australian BSN student, Caitlin McKenzie. First of all, she's a pleasure to listen to. Between her accent and her humor, I could listen for hours. But the stories of her challenges, triumphs, and her future dreams are really what captivated me and I'm sure they will you as well. She's in her last few months as a nursing student and went from absolutely hating school as a young person to absolutely loving it as a mature learner. She is well aware of our profession's challenges, such as staffing issues and burnout, but she is hopeful for nursing’s future. Balancing the demands of school, work, and children as a single parent, support from friends and family is crucial. I can hear the pride as Caitlin talks about being an indigenous Australian single mom and the first child to graduate from University in her family. Honestly, I can see the smile on her face and feel the pride in her heart as she accepts that diploma in a few short months. In the five-minute snippet: Caitlin, your kids ARE fantastic! For Caitlin's bio and book recs, visit the links below.

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