BSN pre-licensure student Sabreen Qassem
The Conversing Nurse podcastApril 12, 2023x
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BSN pre-licensure student Sabreen Qassem

Life has not been easy for Sabreen Qassem. As a Muslim immigrant, she has endured frequent relocations and deeply rooted cultural expectations that are in conflict with her dream of becoming a nurse. But I was smiling the entire time we talked because Sabreen is as charming as she is intelligent, well-spoken, and hardworking. She has taken on a lot. Not only is she a full-time BSN pre-licensure student, but she also works the front desk at her college and as a student nurse aide on a busy cardiac unit. When she isn't studying or volunteering for her University's Future Nurses club, she's spending the little time she has left with family and friends. At 21, she is wise beyond her years, already having experienced some of nursing's downfalls: short staffing and a tired workforce but when she feels defeated, she cheers herself by practicing gratitude for her professors, her nursing mentors, and the freedom to pursue her goals. And I have no doubt she will do just that. In the five-minute snippet, she's going to be a very rich woman. For Sabreen's bio, visit my website (link below).

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