Cannabis Nurse, Ashley Wynn-Grimes
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Cannabis Nurse, Ashley Wynn-Grimes

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Do you ever come across someone on Instagram who is meant to teach you something? For me, that person is Ashley Wynn-Grimes, also known as The Cannabis Nurse.
Ashley is the owner of Cannabis Nursing Solutions, LLC where she teaches nurses the ins and outs of the cannabis industry. Cannabis nursing is a nursing specialty recently recognized by the American Nurses Association.
Through Ashley, I learned about where cannabis nurses can work, who their patients are, and how they can advocate for cannabis use within their communities. Ashley is a pioneer in this field and established cannabis patient care programs in Maryland. She also lobbies for its use.
Ashley is also the author of the book, Stigmatized. Through it, she sheds light on her path to finding freedom through entrepreneurship and building a brand around cannabis medicine.
The research is growing on medicinal cannabis use and the opportunity for nurses to enter this field is great. So if Ashley’s page shows up on your feed, consider yourself lucky because you are about to learn something.
In the five-minute snippet: we’re going back, wayyyyyy back. For Ashley's bio, visit my website (link below).
Cannabis Nursing Solutions Instagram
Ashley's LinkedIn
HIGHlights for Healthcare Newsletter
Cannabis Nursing Solutions Facebook
Cannabis Nursing School website
"Stigmatized" the book
Ashley's YouTube

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