Certified Nurse Midwife, Sarah Waldron
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Certified Nurse Midwife, Sarah Waldron

Sarah Waldron is a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Nurse Midwife who started out in High School volunteering in L&D, was pulled into a room to watch a birth and was hooked! After becoming a nurse, her path to midwifery was not linear. Along the way, she worked in Med-Surg and pediatric emergency care but her experience in these different areas of nursing has been invaluable in her work as a midwife. After many successful home births, Sarah opened her own practice: Wildflower Birth and Wellness. She addressed my safety fears head-on. As a NICU nurse, I was initially skeptical about home birthing, but Sarah's matter-of-fact approach, passionate confidence, and ability to up-triage when necessary took the fear out of the process. And then there’s the topic of breastfeeding (Sarah was actually breastfeeding her newborn during the interview) YAY! Her patients meet with an IBCLC before giving birth to ensure they have all the information and support they need. I appreciate Sarah's comprehensive and holistic approach to patient care. Her dedication to her patients is clear, and her passion for her work shines through. In the five-minute snippet: are these clothes multiplying? For Sarah's bio, go to my website (link below).

Sarah's website: Wildflower Birth & Wellness
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