Forensic Nurse, Heather
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Forensic Nurse, Heather

**Content warning** This episode contains graphic, sensitive content relating to adult and pediatric sexual assault and abuse. Please proceed with caution** This week I talk with Heather, a sexual assault nurse examiner, or SANE nurse who provided comprehensive information about the field of forensic nursing. She also gave us insight into the life of the victim and what they endure during the thorough examination process. With law enforcement and victim advocates as allies, the evidence she collects helps bring abusers to justice. Mental health is crucial for these nurses and allied professionals as they witness humanity at its worst. Heather prioritizes her own mental health by taking part in case debriefs and destressing at the beach with her family. In the five-minute snippet, Heather tells us about her experience with the paranormal. For Heather's bio and book recs, visit my website!
National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
International Association of Forensic Nurses:

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