Male Nurse, Larry Logsdon
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Male Nurse, Larry Logsdon

I'm so glad Larry Logsdon, MSN Ed., PHN, RN, RNC-NIC, CLC came on the show to share his perspective of being a male in nursing. He didn’t think twice about his decision to become a nurse; he just followed his heart. And what a heart he has, you can hear it in everything he says. He dispelled many of the stereotypes attributed to male nurses and he did it expertly. After almost 15 years as a nurse, his newest adventure as a NICU Clinical Nurse Educator has him so excited he’s losing sleep! He is an amazing human with an empathetic nature that is unmatched. In the five-minute snippet, Larry reveals how his superhero would save him, and it’s not how you think. Sorry, Larry for not giving you the ‘Joe Rogan’ experience, next time, stogies in the closet! For Larrys's bio and book recs visit:
My website:
American Association of Men in Nursing:
Correction: at minute marker 19:10 I incorrectly attributed this quote to the AAMN. It came from:

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