CRNA School Prep Academy Founder and CEO, Jenny Finnell
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CRNA School Prep Academy Founder and CEO, Jenny Finnell

This week, I had an informative conversation with the Founder and CEO of the CRNA School Prep Academy, Jenny Finnell. Like a great nurse entrepreneur, Jenny identified a need: CRNA candidates were struggling to get into these highly competitive schools. So she created the Academy, a place where potential students can find resources on how to land the all-important interview, how to make themselves stand out in a crowd of candidates, how to improve their emotional intelligence, and important financial coaching because CRNA school is expensive! If being a CRNA is even remotely on your radar, you need to find Jenny now. And she's easy to find. When I said she’s everywhere, she is, she’s everywhere. Her website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, podcast, and blog are packed full of highly sought-after information for the CRNA candidate to find and secure placement in a school, making them one step closer to achieving their dream. And Jenny’s generosity of mentorship makes this possible. In the five-minute snippet: who needs the lottery? For Jenny's bio, visit my website (link below).
FREE 29-page Guide on How to Become a CRNA
CRNA School Prep Academy website
CRNA School Prep Academy YouTube
CRNA School Prep Academy Facebook Group
CRNA School Prep Academy Instagram
Jenny Finnell LinkedIn
American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology
Coursera Free Writing courses
Jenny's bookshop

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