Health Policy Expert, John Silver, Ph.D. RN
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Health Policy Expert, John Silver, Ph.D. RN

When you hear the words "health policy", what comes to mind? A dry, barren desert? Not for John Silver, a nurse who has dedicated decades of his life to studying it and believes it’s anything but dry and lacking in substance. He was so passionate about understanding it that he left nursing to pursue a Ph.D. in comparative studies. He serves as President of the organization, Nurses Transforming Healthcare, whose mission is to transform healthcare into a model based on wellness and disease prevention, driven by nurses, which is affordable and accessible to all. John believes we as nurses need to remember our social roots as a profession in order to affect change. The goal is ambitious, yet gaining momentum every day. I have no doubt with our collective power, John and the masterminds behind NTH will radically change healthcare. I teased him about being a deep thinker, but honestly, a world without deep thinkers would just be boring. In the five-minute snippet: Vintage guys rule! For John's bio and book recommendations, see links below!

John's book list
Nurses Transforming Healthcare
Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse podcast
Completing the Circle of Nursing
An Open Letter to My Fellow Americans
Nursing Declaration of Independence 

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