Licensed Vocational Nurse, Andres Perez
The Conversing Nurse podcastSeptember 20, 2023x
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Licensed Vocational Nurse, Andres Perez

With so many unknowns in the world, it was nice to talk with someone who knows himself so well. Licensed vocational nurse, Andres Perez knows his motivation to be a nurse, knows his scope of practice, knows he loves emergency nursing, and knows he wants to continue his education to be a registered nurse. He also knows what brings down his stress level: music. Between the voice and the violin, he's got self-care literally at his fingertips. After speaking with Andres, I know he'll be great at whatever he does. In the five-minute snippet: he knows the Power Rangers will not save the Earth! For Andres' bio, go to my website (link below).

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