NICU Nurse Manager, Felicia Torres Vaughn
The Conversing Nurse podcastMarch 20, 2024x
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NICU Nurse Manager, Felicia Torres Vaughn

According to Forbes magazine, the relationship between managers and their employees has a significant impact on their mental health, similar to the effect of a partner. My guest this week, NICU Nurse Manager, Felicia Torres Vaughn, understands this and works hard to build strong relationships with her staff. During our conversation, Felicia clarified some common misconceptions about managers and emphasized the importance of mentorship. She also encouraged the idea of embracing failure, as it provides an opportunity to learn and grow. I’ve had many mentors throughout my journey, and Felicia taught me a valuable lesson on what it means to be a compassionate and thoughtful leader. She does this most profoundly, by example, not expecting her staff to do anything she wouldn't do herself. As she spoke of her love for Mother Teresa, I noticed similarities in their service mindset, humble spirit, and desire to bring love and light to the people they serve. Her advice for nurses who aspire to be leaders? Find a mentor and be a mentor. In the five-minute snippet: start spreading the news! For Felicia's bio, visit my website (link below).
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