Nurse and Podcast Host, Brian Cerezo
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Nurse and Podcast Host, Brian Cerezo

Brian Cerezo is a nurse who likes to have fun, but he's also passionate about the nursing profession and proud about being able to financially support his family. And he doesn't solely rely on his W-2 job. He's made some risky moves by investing in real estate, stocks, and the dreaded crypto. We agreed investing can sometimes be uncertain, but as his portfolio grows, so does his comfort in knowing he's got a backup plan. Brian is also the host of the popular podcast called Direct Admission, and if you know, you know. He started his podcast to talk to nurses about nursing and all the doors it can open for them, as well as helping them on their journey to financial independence by sharing his knowledge and experiences. And remember what I said about fun. Well, his Instagram is packed full of nursing memes and will have you chuckling in no time. When you watch him on YouTube, you'll see he always has a smile on his face. And during our conversation, I did, too. In the five-minute snippet: Honey, did you order the lumpia? For Brian's bio, go to my website (link below).
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