Nurse, Author, and Philanthropist, D.D. Finder
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Nurse, Author, and Philanthropist, D.D. Finder

In this week's episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing D.D. Finder, aka, Delta Delta Finder. D.D. has had a remarkable 20-year healthcare career which has taken him from the Peace Corps to an EMT, from flight nursing to the ICU, and landing in Interventional Radiology.
Now, there is a new chapter in his life: author. And what does he write about? Something he is intimately familiar with.
His debut novel, Ready Left, Ready Right gives us a cockpit view of the intense pressures first responders and flight nurses endure every day.
He brilliantly accomplished his goal of bringing awareness to the extraordinary mental health challenges that these professionals struggle with in the course of their work.
And D.D. puts his money where his mouth is. He donates a portion of his book sales to three nonprofit organizations focusing on the mental health of first responders and nurses.
I absolutely loved my conversation with D.D. He truly is one of the most insightful, compassionate, generous, and funny individuals who I want in my life forever.
In the five-minute snippet: Prostitutes or batteries? You tell me! For D.D.'s bio and book recs, visit my website and the links below.
D.D. Finder website
Ready Left, Ready Right on Amazon
First Responders and Mental Health- Psychiatric Times 2022
First Responder Suicide: A Call to Action-CDC
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62 Romeo Nonprofit Instagram
D.D.'s writing Spotify playlist:
Music for a Nurse on Spotify
Working for a Nuclear Free City, The Tree on Spotify
Rusty Nails by Moderat on Spotify
What You Want by the John Butler Trio on Spotify
The Oil by Hans Zimmer on Spotify
Don't Stay Here by Frames on Spotify
That Home by Cinematic Orchestra on Spotify

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