Nurse Medical Writer, Janelle Barowski
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Nurse Medical Writer, Janelle Barowski

I was fascinated by Janelle Barowski's profile on LinkedIn and knew I had to connect with her. She's a nurse and a talented freelance medical writer, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Janelle found her calling in medical writing after realizing that bedside nursing no longer fulfilled her, and has since achieved the work-life balance that many strive for. She explained that nurses are highly sought after in medical writing due to their expertise and compassionate writing style, which is very similar to how they speak with patients. I discovered that there are numerous outlets for medical writing, including nursing curricula, journals, NCLEX questions, continuing education, medical blogs, and more. Janelle even referred to medical writing as an entry-level job that requires no prior experience. What I appreciated most was Janelle's perspective on nurses leaving the bedside to pursue writing; she reassured me that they are still helping patients, just in a different way. In the five-minute snippet: is there such a thing as a "poor ski bum?”

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