Nurse, Poet, and Author, Susan Farese
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Nurse, Poet, and Author, Susan Farese

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Susan Farese is a nurse who has done it all. Well, let me rephrase that. Susan is a nurse who has done a lot. Maybe not all, but her career includes clinical nursing, education, staff development, research, legal nurse consulting, management and coaching. She's also a veteran, having served in the Navy and retiring as a Major from the Army.

How has she been able to manage these stressful, demanding positions? Throughout her career and her life, Susan has tapped into her creativity. She lost her cherished grandmother to early Alzheimer's, and 20 years later she wrote a poem in her grandmother's memory which started on a path to healing. She has since authored the book Poetic Expressions in Nursing...Sharing the Caring and advocates for the creative use of poetry for nurses to express what we feel daily: wonder, frustration, grief, and love for the profession and our patients.

But Susan's creativity is not limited to just writing. She is also an accomplished wildlife and nature photographer, a Haiku teacher, an actor, a blogger, a public speaker, a frequent podcast guest, and even runs her own public relations company.

Susan's advice to fellow nurses: cultivate your creativity, be open to new ideas, and always be willing to learn and change. Reinvent yourself. Evolve. Love your life.

In the five-minute snippet. Is the kazoo an instrument? For Susan's bio, visit my website (link below).
Poetic Expressions in Nursing... Sharing the Caring
SJF Communications website

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