PACU Nurse and Travel Writer, Katherine Leamy
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PACU Nurse and Travel Writer, Katherine Leamy

Katherine Leamy set out in life to become a physical therapist but instead became a fantastic nurse and we talked about all things PACU nursing: the ratios, the time spent with each patient, her autonomy, how she involves the family for support, and the importance of critical thinking skills because, after all, the PACU is a critical care unit! We even dished on the funny things patients say when waking up from anesthesia (I can’t imagine what I said!). She sold me on PACU nursing when she described what she loves about it: the close proximity of her colleagues, the teamwork, and seeing her patients progress by providing everything they need in the short time they are with her. AND, bonus, she’s a travel writer with a book on the horizon! It’s a memoir of traveling not only solo, but traveling light, I mean her Instagram is @the5kilotraveller. She describes writing as a “total escape from nursing” and suggests nurses could benefit from using writing as a creative outlet. In the five-minute snippet: pasta with lemon sauce in Italy? Sign me up! For Katherine's bio, visit my website (link below).

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