Real Estate Investor and Nurse, Savannah Arroyo
The Conversing Nurse podcastOctober 18, 2023x
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Real Estate Investor and Nurse, Savannah Arroyo

I recently looked up the word 'mogul' in the dictionary and found this definition: an important or powerful person. This perfectly describes Savannah Arroyo, who is a nurse by profession and an accomplished real estate investor as well. After years as a nurse administrator, Savannah was seeking a better balance between work and life, aka less work and more life. And that's when she ventured into real estate investing. In just three years since her journey began, she has acquired over $20 million worth of property, partnering with other healthcare professionals to scale her portfolio. She passionately believes that nurses are perfect candidates for investing because of their unique assets, such as time management, organization, prioritization, and delegation skills. She harnessed that passion and began educating other nurses on the benefits of financial freedom through investing. Her contributions to The Nursing Beat newsletter, as well as information on her multiple social media platforms and websites, are nuggets of pure gold. Her advice to nurses who are on the fence about investing? Do the work, educate yourself, and jump in! In the five-minute snippet: It's a dance party! For Savannah's bio, go to my website (link below).
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