Registered Nurse First Assist, Bill Patty
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Registered Nurse First Assist, Bill Patty

**This episode discusses suicide, depression, and addiction, which may be triggering topics for some. Reach out to a mental health professional if you are experiencing depression, addiction, or suicidal ideation**
Mental Health Resouces for Healthcare Workers and First Responders:
National Alliance on Mental Health
Debriefing the Front Lines
Don't Clock Out

If you like wild rides, you will love listening to my guest this week, a Registered Nurse, First Assist, and my little brother, Bill Patty.
With 38 years of operating room experience, from a surgical tech to a circulating nurse and culminating as an RNFA, he paints a very clear picture of what the job entails. And as Bill says, 'church mice need not apply.'
We talked about the schooling and experience you need for this advanced practice degree, the certifications, professional organizations, and the roles of all the OR players. I learned that the job is highly technical and physically demanding, but also extremely rewarding, and for Bill, the joy of his life.
We had a candid discussion about his medical retirement from the OR and how the loss of his nurse identity catapulted him into the darkness of suicidal ideation and fueled his alcoholism.
His answer to my question, 'What do people misunderstand about you?' made me rethink my judgment towards addicts.
In the five-minute snippet: Customer service, what's that?
For Bill's bio, visit my website (link below).
Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses
National Assistant at Surgery Certification
Certified Nurse-Operating Room

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