Remote Nursing with Maggie Lejeune and Blaire McElroy
The Conversing Nurse podcastJanuary 10, 2024x
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Remote Nursing with Maggie Lejeune and Blaire McElroy

This week I had a great conversation about all things remote nursing. My guests are Maggie Lejeune, Head of Clinical Services, and Blaire McElroy, Clinical Services manager for the remote care company, Veta Health.
I came into the conversation with ZERO knowledge about what remote nursing entailed and I left with a new appreciation of it.
Like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes that day because once again, I was blown away by these two dynamic nurse leaders. They elevate the patient experience by first enhancing the nurse experience and provide nurses with the necessary tools and training to be successful and happy in their remote work.
I have always admired nurses who help other nurses, and Maggie and Blaire have my utmost respect.
In the five-minute snippet: we switched it up to a version of the Newlywed Game and it’s evident Maggie and Blaire’s partnership is truly inspiring. For Maggie's and Blaire's bio, visit my website (link below).
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