The Journey to Nursing with Derick Pedigo, RN
The Conversing Nurse podcastMarch 08, 2023x
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The Journey to Nursing with Derick Pedigo, RN

Many nurses practicing today entered healthcare knowing they absolutely wanted to be a nurse. But Derick Pedigo’s journey was different. Starting as an EMT and observing the nurses in the Emergency Department, he said, “I want to do that.” When he didn’t get into the program the first time, he decided to go the LVN route. Working as an LVN with very sick renal patients, he learned valuable skills to propel him further in his quest to be an RN. And now, he’s a new nurse with a LOT of experience, which only makes him a better one. His advice for those on the same journey? If you have a passion for something, just keep going, it’s worth it. In the five-minute snippet: Kurt Cobain walks into a bar…for Derick's bio visit my website (link below).
For Derick's book recommendations, visit his bookstore on (affiliate link).

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