USAF Veteran Nurse, Captain Jennifer Savage-Cawley
The Conversing Nurse podcastNovember 08, 2023x
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USAF Veteran Nurse, Captain Jennifer Savage-Cawley

As we approach Veterans Day this week, I want to introduce Captain Jennifer Savage-Cawley, a long-time friend and colleague who served as a nurse in the United States Air Force. Since starting this podcast, I've been eager to talk with a military nurse and Jennifer made that possible. I was immediately curious to know why Jennifer joined the Air Force. Her response was hilarious and did not disappoint. Jennifer shared that military nursing can be challenging. It involves long hours, less-than-ideal locations, piles of paperwork, strong personalities, and the constant threat of deployment. Jennifer herself was deployed on a secret mission to Africa during Desert Shield. However, there are numerous benefits as well, such as becoming an officer and quickly climbing the ranks, having the military pay for your higher education, 30 days of vacation per year, free housing and medical care, and the opportunity to travel the world on the military's dime. When you add up all those benefits, the pride of serving one's country trumps them all. Jennifer should be proud of the seven years she served in the US Air Force, I certainly am. In the five-minute snippet, it's a Hallmark Christmas 24/7, 365. For Jennifer's bio, visit my website (link below).
Veterans Administration
Veterans Crisis Line
US Air Force Nurse Corp

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