Alisha Sandidge-Renteria, MSN, FNP-C, CMSRN, PHN

Alisha Sandidge-Renteria, MSN, FNP-C, CMSRN, PHN

Born and raised in the Midwest, she earned her 
undergraduate degree at the University of Jamestown, North 
Dakota. She is a published author and recipient of multiple 
patient and nursing-centered awards. She has experience in 
urgent care, primary care, women’s health, cardiology, 
medical-post surgical, mental health, gerontology, 
neurology, orthopedics, and forensic nursing. She has served 
as the president of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses 
(AMSN) local central valley chapter. 
Her research and practice interests include early recognition of clinical deterioration, safe enteral
nutrition practices, missed nursing care, and preventing hospital-acquired conditions through 
fundamental nursing care. She is a member of The American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Orique, S. B., Patty, C. M., Sandidge, A., Camarena, E., & Newsom, R. (2017). Quantifying
missed nursing care using the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and
Systems (HCAHPS) survey. Journal of Nursing Administration, 47(12), 616-622. doi:
Patty, Christopher M.; Sandidge-Renteria, Alisha; Orique, Sabrina; Dixon, Craig; Camarena,

Emma; Newsom, Rose; Schneider, Alicia. Incidence and Predictors of Non-ventilator Hospital-
Acquired Pneumonia in a Community Hospital, Journal of Nursing Care Quality: February 18,

2020 - Volume Publish Ahead of Print - Issue - doi: 10.1097/NCQ.0000000000000476

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