Family Nurse Practitioner, Alisha Sandidge-Renteria
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Family Nurse Practitioner, Alisha Sandidge-Renteria

I've often said on this podcast that many nurses choose this profession for reasons that aren't noble or lofty. Alisha Sandidge-Renteria changed that for me. As a teenager, she witnessed the economic disparity in healthcare after seeing her mother, who was fighting cancer, be forced to choose a cheaper, experimental, and less effective regimen which ultimately ended her life. Since then, Alisha has embodied the words of Gandhi, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." And as a nurse practitioner, she can do just that. Of course, we talked about the particulars of the job, the schooling, the patient population, work settings, diagnosing, and, you know, me, we also discussed professional organizations and board certification. There was some heavy lifting as well. We talked about broken systems and broken people. But through it all, there was one common thread evident in our discussion: connection, with our patients, our communities, each other, and ourselves. In the five-minute snippet, I see a commune in her future. For Alisha's bio, visit my website (link below).
The American Association of Nurse Practitioners
California Association for Nurse Practitioners
American Association of Critical Care Nurses
New California Rule AB-890
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