Cydney Alvarado, RN

Cydney Alvarado, RN

Hi! My name is Cydney Alvarado and I have been in the medical field for over 20 years! I started as a C.N.A. in our local hospital’s Float Pool and received my A.S.N. in 2005. I remained in the Float Pool for the first eight years, gaining experience in med/surg, ortho, postpartum, emergency, cardiac, renal, endoscopy, oncology, and critical care. I spent two years in nursing management and then made a home on the cardiac floor. The flexibility and variety available for nursing are like no other career and when my growing family’s needs changed, I worked in a surgery center. After five years, I began to miss the challenges, teaching, and empathy of direct patient care. I had always wondered about Hospice nursing but felt I would be too emotional for it. I finally took the leap and now three years in I can confidently say it has become my favorite nursing specialty! I call it my heartbreaking joy. It is a privilege to serve people in such a deeply personal and fragile space. When not working I enjoy time with my family at the beach, decompressing with a boxing class, walks with friends, quiet time reading, and cuddling with our cats. Between my husband and I, we have three adult children, one teenager, three grandchildren, and two cats.

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