Welcome to The Conversing Nurse podcast's anniversary episode! Today marks a year since we started this journey, and it has been an incredible one, full of challenges and accomplishments. This year in podcasting has been full of firsts: creating a website, managing social media, recording, publishing, and just all the techy things in general. After retiring from 36 years in nursing, it’s been important to me to stay connected to the nursing community and after this year, I feel more connected than ever. It’s been a blast to bring you insights and knowledge from my guests every week for the past 52 weeks.
Today's episode will feature some of my most memorable guests, including the most downloaded, emotional, educational, and humorous episodes. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I've enjoyed this year. Go back and listen if you missed some and subscribe so you don’t miss any! Thank you for being on this journey with me!
Listen to their episodes here!
Nurse Educator, Dianthe Hoffman
Informatics Nurse, Taofiki Gafar-Schaner
Legal Nurse Consultant, Dr. Leah Elliott
PMHNP, Kirby Williams
Transplant Coordinator, Annette Needham
NICU Nurse, Kathleen Wardell
Male Nurse, Larry Logsdon
Pediatric Complex Care Nurse, Monty Anderson
Hospice Nurse, Cydney Alvarado
Preemie Dad and Advocate, Adam Wood
Adult Preemie Survivor, Christina Gagnon
L&D Nurse, Christine Daniel
Flight Nurse, Jenn

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