Kwamane Liddell,  JD, MHA, BSN

Kwamane Liddell, JD, MHA, BSN

CEO & Founder - Nutrible

Kwamane Liddell, JD, MHA, BSN is an experienced trauma nurse, healthcare lawyer, and innovator who has led major health systems and health insurance plans including UnitedHealth where he was responsible for more than 40,000 patient lives. Kwamane’s lived experiences ignited his passion for this work as his 39-year-old uncle suffered from a massive stroke while Kwamane was only a teenager. He experienced the impact of underserved communities and has dedicated his career to improving health outcomes in communities like his.

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November 29, 2023x
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Trauma Nurse, Healthcare Lawyer, and Innovator, Kwamane Liddell

Ever since I started this podcast, I have been looking forward to talking with a nurse who is also a JD. Recently, I got the opportunity to have an insightful conversation with Kwamane Liddell. Kwamane is a healthcare visionary. You only need to glance at his LinkedIn profile to see the many accola...