Trauma Nurse, Healthcare Lawyer, and Innovator, Kwamane Liddell
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Trauma Nurse, Healthcare Lawyer, and Innovator, Kwamane Liddell

Ever since I started this podcast, I have been looking forward to talking with a nurse who is also a JD. Recently, I got the opportunity to have an insightful conversation with Kwamane Liddell. Kwamane is a healthcare visionary. You only need to glance at his LinkedIn profile to see the many accolades he has received from various sectors, including healthcare, business, innovation, and technology. Here are just a few examples:
- He was the first African-American male to graduate from Southern Illinois University's College of Nursing.
- He is an Aspen Institute Healthy Communities Fellow
- He is a Johnson and Johnson JLABS Innovator
- He is the Founder of Nutrible, a company that utilizes AI social workers to help families access community resources on demand.
Could he have done all of this without a law degree? I’m convinced Kwamane can do whatever he puts his mind to. When he founded Nutrible, he needed to know more about the underlying causes of health disparity, which was leading to the suffering and death of his patients in the emergency room. So by furthering his education and earning a Juris Doctor degree, Kwamane became well-equipped to change health policies and address this issue. Kwamane is changing health equity, one person at a time, and in my book, he embodies the definition of a hero. In the five-minute snippet: food, glorious food!
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