Myra Gamble, BSN, RN, CCRN

Myra Gamble, BSN, RN, CCRN

Founder and Owner - Travel with a Tribe, LLC

Myra Gamble was born in Oceanside, California. As a child, Myra, both precocious and bounteous, expressed an early passion for bonding and shared experiences. Her vibrant personality and authentic charisma proved to be a beacon of energy, positively affecting everyone who had the pleasure of being drawn into young Myra’s atmosphere.

A life-long dedication to service began in 1998 at the culmination of Myra’s high school tenure, as she joined the Army Reserve. After a successful seven-year career, transitioning with high honors, Myra continued her career of altruism by moving to Los Angeles, California, and becoming a full-time nurse.  During her nursing career, Myra planned and successfully executed multiple group vacations spanning four continents in just a few years.

The success of Myra’s personal retreats propelled her to launch a business dedicated to traveling, bonding, and overall positivity. With an ethos of “come as strangers, leave as friends,” Travel With A Tribe, is an extension of Myra herself; not sparing any expense to fulfill the overall welcoming feeling of sisterhood. Each trip is carefully detailed by Myra personally to ensure each traveler’s experience is not only a shared memory but also an independent time of reflection and growth.

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