Trauma ICU Nurse and Travel Host, Myra Gamble
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Trauma ICU Nurse and Travel Host, Myra Gamble

Myra Gamble is so chill and laid-back, it’s hard to believe she’s a Trauma ICU nurse. She’s also done emergency room nursing, hospice, home health, cath lab, interventional radiology, and telemetry. And I imagine that such a wide range of experience has only made her a better ICU nurse.
As I listened to her recount stories from the COVID ICU, I remembered the toll it took on so many healthcare professionals. I loved hearing how she organizes her day (she may have a touch of OCD), and how it's vital in a busy ICU to have appropriate ratios and break nurses.
We talked about what it means to be part of a tribe and for Myra, the deep connections she has with her coworkers have certainly enriched her life.
She’s now enriching others’ lives through her business, Travel with a Tribe, LLC. Myra helps travelers find joy in experiencing new places, cultures, people, and food, don’t forget the food. She makes it so easy, all you have to do is show up and what could be more alluring to busy medical professionals than to have everything done for you? Maybe more PTO? Yeah, more PTO. Myra’s philosophy is life is too short to not use your PTO so get off the couch, get on a plane, and see the world!
In the five-minute snippet: Food, don’t forget the food! For Myra's bio, visit my website (link below).
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