Nicole Cromwell

Nicole Cromwell

Artist - Nicole Cromwell Art

Nicole Cromwell is a contemporary abstract artist in Carmel by the Sea, California. She began painting several years ago after caring for a patient who was an artist. After her patient lost her battle with cancer, Nicole organized a group of her nurses to attend a paint night as a way to honor her memory. After that, Nicole began taking online painting classes, attending workshops, and learning everything she could about painting. After suffering from burnout as a critical care nurse and an assault by a patient, she found painting to be a therapeutic outlet that has transformed her life. She continues to work as a nurse in the ICU part-time and paints in her studio in Carmel by the Sea, California on her days off. She's won numerous awards for her artwork and is now finishing up her online beginner art course that she created for healthcare professionals called, "Brave Beginner Art".

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