Artist and Nurse, Nicole Cromwell
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Artist and Nurse, Nicole Cromwell

In my interview with Nicole Cromwell, we didn't talk a lot about the specifics of nursing, though Nicole has a long history of practicing in some of the most high-intensity, high-stress areas, including oncology, intensive care, Covid ICU, and flight nursing. The cumulative stress of this took a toll on her in the form of burnout. After losing a young patient in the ICU, an artist, Nicole discovered art as a healing modality and the ultimate form of self-care. What she didn't expect was that people who experience her art, feel the same emotions as she does while creating it: peace, serenity, and a renewal of their spirits. There is a huge body of research that cite the benefits of creating art in any form: decreased stress and anxiety, increased endorphins, and easier access to emotions, just to name a few. Nicole wants nurses and all healthcare professionals to reap the benefits for themselves. In the five-minute snippet: This is my kind of girl’s night out!

Nicole Cromwell Art
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