Adverse Childhood Experiences with Gaby Morales
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Adverse Childhood Experiences with Gaby Morales

When I heard Gaby Morales speak about adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, on the Nine One One Nonsense podcast, I knew I had to bring their message to you.
Gaby explained that ACEs are adverse childhood experiences such as physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as other forms of household dysfunction like mental illness or substance use problems, and living with a violent or incarcerated parent. ACEs are linked to chronic health problems, mental illness, substance use in adulthood, and suicide.
Gaby's not new to nursing. They've been a nurse for eight years and are currently the clinical educator for a Level I trauma emergency room and a DNP student. Through their work, they've encountered many healthcare professionals who were completely unaware of ACEs and how they affect the health of their patients. So Gaby has made it their mission to educate healthcare professionals about the impacts of adverse childhood trauma. They are taking what they call the "Tour de ACE" on the road and have even titled their presentation "The Greatest Unaddressed Public Health Threat That Most Healthcare Professionals Don't Know About."  And with Gaby's passion and efforts, I think very soon that will change.
In the five-minute snippet: There are no aces in this card game. For Gaby's bio, visit my website (link below).
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