Postpartum Nurse, Tammy Dunehew
The Conversing Nurse podcastJanuary 18, 2023x
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Postpartum Nurse, Tammy Dunehew

EP 26: Well, what can I say about Tammy Dunehew? I can tell you she’s experienced, capable, compassionate, and funny, all the qualities you want in a nurse! Yes, you want your nurse to have a sense of humor and Tammy fulfills that requirement perfectly. In this episode, she tells us what it means to be a postpartum nurse, including being a Charge nurse. She was great at clearing up the misconception that “postpartum nurses just hold babies.” In fact, their work in helping families transition to being parents just might be one of the most important roles in society. In the five-minute snippet, we find out she’s harmless; she wouldn’t hurt a cricket. For Tammy's bio and book recs, visit my website:
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