Emergency Room Nurse, Emily Brown
The Conversing Nurse podcastJune 21, 2023x
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Emergency Room Nurse, Emily Brown

If you have an interest in becoming an emergency room nurse, you came to the right place. My guest for this episode, Emily Brown tells us the ins and outs of this seductive nursing specialty, especially if you are an adrenaline junkie like her. We discussed the skillset ER nurses need and the many certifications she has. We touched on new grads in the ER, the disciplines she works with, and the importance of a well-oiled code team. She’s cross-trained for pediatric emergencies, charge nurse, triage nurse and she’s an assistant manager for the Wellness and Engagement committee who is passionate about recognizing burnout in her colleagues and acting on it. Oh, and then she does this little thing on the side except it's not a little thing, it's huge. She is the mom to two beautiful Labs, Moose and Rhino (who have their own Instagram page BTW) and who are first responder therapy dogs! Moose and Rhino help address the mental health needs of first responders by providing emotional support and if there’s one thing that earns my deepest respect it’s dogs, and nurses helping other nurses and healthcare professionals. In the five-minute snippet: dirty words, not diet tips! For Emily's bio and bookstore, check the links below!
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Basic Life Support
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Trauma Nurse Core Course
NIHSS certification
Professional Organizations:
Emergency Nurses Association
California Emergency Nurses Association
American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners
American Association of Critical Care Nurses
Society of Trauma Nurses
Moose and Rhino!
Moose and Rhino's Instagram!
First Responder Therapy Dogs

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