Founder and CEO of CodePRep, Susan Davis
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Founder and CEO of CodePRep, Susan Davis

Susan Davis is a class act. She's also a doctorally-prepared nurse and CEO of Code PRep, an in-hospital cardiac arrest mock code training program that helps teams prepare, execute, and evaluate codes more effectively. Now, I opened with Susan is a class act, and let me explain. Susan and I recorded an entire 1-hour podcast episode, or at least I thought we recorded. There was just one small problem, I never hit the record button. It pained me to tell Susan that we had nothing. Our episode was flatline. Susan did not skip a beat and graciously agreed to give her precious time to do Susan and Michelle 2.0. Our second conversation was equally as memorable as our first. We discussed the challenges of running a code, teamwork, egos, and that darn defibrillator. Why are we all scared of the defibrillator? But Susan makes it as easy as one, two, three. Really, it's that easy! Our conversation is full of useful information to make saving lives more efficient with better outcomes. And as Susan says, outcomes equal people. In the five-minute snippet, I see a Game of Thrones remake. For Susan's bio, visit my website (link below).
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