Nurse Innovator, Nicole Weathers
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Nurse Innovator, Nicole Weathers

In my conversation with Nicole Weathers, I had a moment that made me wonder, "Why didn't I think of this?" Nicole is a pioneering nurse who cofounded STAT PD, a medical marketplace that empowers nurses and allied health professionals to purchase and sell resources for their professional development. She started her career in a rural hospital where she had to take on multiple roles, but she prioritized her professional development and gained invaluable experience. An educator for both patients and nurses, she invested in her own education and is currently a doctoral student. As if that weren't enough, she manages an online nurse residency program that helps new nurses across the nation transition from student to practitioner. Nicole firmly believes in lifelong learning and feels that professionals should not have to start from scratch when seeking development resources. And I wholeheartedly endorse that perspective. After hearing her speak, you'll know it's evident that Nicole is a true champion of professional growth and development. In the five-minute snippet: I knew it, she's a card keeper. For Nicole's bio, follow the links below!

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Preceptor Training
Growing the next generation of rural nurse leaders
Innovation in Nurse Residency: Blazing a Trail with Online Technology Certifications:
Nursing Professional Development Certification

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