Nutrition for Nurses with David Ledgerwood
The Conversing Nurse podcastJanuary 25, 2023x
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Nutrition for Nurses with David Ledgerwood

In this episode, Nutrition for Nurses, the first person I thought of as a guest was David Ledgerwood. David's personal story of how good nutrition improved his performance as a CrossFit athlete is inspiring. His deep understanding of human physiology and how the body utilizes nutrients are instantly apparent. I absolutely love it when he said, "food shouldn't make you feel bad!" Amen! He gives us actionable strategies for using food as fuel to increase our stamina, endurance, and overall health, and to be able to do what we love, practice our professions. In the five-minute snippet, he's not the least bit superstitious. Rigggght. For David's bio and book recs, visit my website!

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