School Nurse Victoria Gutierrez
The Conversing Nurse podcastMarch 22, 2023x
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School Nurse Victoria Gutierrez

 I had so much fun talking with school nurse, Victoria Gutierrez! Honestly, I was enchanted by her excitement and enthusiasm, and I know you will be too. The skills she learned as an ICU nurse: critical thinking, organization, and delegation, have served her well in her role as a school nurse. Although she misses the acuity of the ICU, she’s not missing out on the joy she has found in this niche nursing specialty. She schools us in the education required, responsibilities, challenges, and rewards, oh, and don’t forget that awesome schedule! Her advice for those who are curious about school nursing? Try subbing part-time as she did, before you commit to becoming credentialed. I’d say that’s a pretty good lesson. In the five-minute snippet, get that garden growing girl! For Victoria's bio, visit my website (link below).

Recognizing School Nurses
Professional organizations:
California School Nurses Organization
National Association of School Nurses
School Nurses of California Foundation

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