The Brains Behind The Nursing Beat
The Conversing Nurse podcastJuly 26, 2023x
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The Brains Behind The Nursing Beat

Today’s episode is all about THE premier digital newsletter made by nurses, for nurses and it’s called the Nursing Beat. At its helm are CEO Tamara Al-Yassin and COO, Hannah Berns. This power duo mustered up their courage, left the emergency room for the board room, and haven’t looked back. It takes a village to create a newsletter this good so Tamara and Hannah have surrounded themselves with brilliant content contributors, advisors, and out-of-the-box thinkers. Nurses are busy! And we need a compact dose of the issues that affect us the most. With over 21,000 subscribers, if you’re not already getting this gem delivered daily to your inbox, my question is, why the hell not? In the five-minute snippet: we switched it up to a version of the Newlywed Game and between plant mamas and toilet paper, I’d say they know each other pretty well. Here are Tamara and Hannah from The Nursing Beat.
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