The Break Nurse, Alex Whitefield
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The Break Nurse, Alex Whitefield

In 375 BC, the ancient philosopher Plato wrote, "Our need will be the real creator." But over time, the phrase has been condensed to its current form, "Necessity is the mother of invention." 
Alex Whitefield, aka "The Break Nurse", is an innovator and nurse leader who identified a need: hospitals were using outdated break systems which were making it difficult for nurses to get breaks. So he co-invented Breakalgo, a software program that optimizes break performance through smart scheduling in real-time.
Why do we need breaks? Consider the cognitive, emotional, and physical load nurses endure in a typical twelve-hour shift. Now add to that little time to pause from witnessed trauma, nourish the body, or rest, and recover. Numerous studies show our ability to critically think diminishes with physical, mental, and emotional depletion. But our nursing culture continues to view breaks as a luxury, not a necessity. Alex has made it his mission to change this narrative and is proving to us that over two millennia later, Plato's axiom still holds true. In the five-minute snippet: Alex, you need a raise. To see Alex's bio, visit my website (link below).

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